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I’m so excited for Halloween and watching one scary movie a day throughout the entire month of October👌
This is the revised list:

Some stayed for nostalgic reasons and some I’ve seen before but don’t own (*) and some I haven’t seen and also don’t own (**)

Cabin Fever*
Children of the Corn*
The Exorcist
28 Weeks Later**
Evil Dead (new)
The Loved Ones**
Halloween 2
The Shining
The Lost Boys**
Midnight Meat Train**
The Crazies*
Behind The Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon**
Lady In White*
Pet Cemetery*
At The Devil’s Door**
Trick R Treat
The Addams Family
Return of the Living Dead
Sleepy Hollow
Hocus Pocus*
Interview With A Vampire
The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Bullet points from the best week ever:

•I peed in a lot of places that weren’t bathrooms

•I didn’t wear make up once

•I got my fishing hook stuck in a ducks neck and then saved it (1/10 probs never fishing again)

•Only had sex for the purpose of staying warm in 40° rain storms at night

•Saw 2 baby bears (cute) then saw mama bear (shit my pants)

•paid $3 for a 4 minute timed hot shower

I had the best week ever.
Sequoia National Park, Hume Lake.

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toostoked asked: you are SO nice and SO cool and have BOYFRIENDS fuck YOU ALL

All I got out of this is that you think I’m awesome, a a ron.

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